The two most frequently asked questions

I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to me over the past few years to see what I have been up to and to inquire whether I will be returning to Sussex.

Since leaving Sussex, I took the time to rest, refocus and explore the different ideas and mediums I had forgone while managing the store.

Where Sussex is concerned, it was my full intention to return, but after two years of frustrating negotiations, it became clear that, that door would not open.  I am still working towards finding a location and look forward to reconnecting with everyone to share and hear your stories. 

Here's What's New!

The adage holds true that when one door closes another opens and in my case, it seems to be the oven door. I am pleased to announce I will be launching my first book entitled Bake Something, The Book of Sins. I always thought my first book would be written for children and in many ways this one is.  It’s filled with easy family favorite recipes. Bake SomethingThe Book of Sins will be available at and on Amazon this week in soft cover or eBook. I hope you will eventually get to enjoy what's inside!

Please be sure to say hello if you are attending the Nepean Christmas Craft Show, Thursday through Sunday. I will be featuring my collections and my new book, alongside many talented artists.