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Bundling Kit

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The Bath Pod

Looking for an original baby gift they will love? This cozy hooded towel with feet is the perfect gift!

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The Urban Pod

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On the day I was born my older brothers went out with my aunt and chose a blanket for me. It was a pink blanket with bees on it. I loved this blanket for many years, and I just pulled it out of storage recently. I just wanted to share how much joy this blanket has brought me, it’s always mentioned when the story of my birth is told so I thought I’d give some credit to the business. :)
Excited to use my EKO MOD products from @juliethibaultottawa
Some favorites that have become household staples and some new products to enjoy!

This is our favorite gift! We absolutely adore the amazing Bath Pod! It's the only towel our little peanut won't cry in when we take her out of the bath!!


EKO MOD Eko sweeps have replaced brands I was spending too much money on and have withstood the test of time! I use them dry for a quick sweep or soak them in plain or soapy water, wring them well, then wash my floors. Too easy!

J.D., Montreal

My children are 12, 10 and 3 and each has been bundled in your blankets as infants and then gone on to use your blankets for years after. My husband still talks about how your blankets are the very best and cutest for swaddling!