Stand by me

I was 6 years old when the first sign of an entrepreneurial spirit flickered. I saw a roadside stand made of old barnwood slapped together with a few nails. It had a wooden canopy made of the same wood. They  were selling pies and vegetables. The memory is faint but the "how cool is that" feel came back instantly when I recently saw a similar stand.

It reminded me of the Christmas I wanted a cash register. A real one with the round buttons that clicked when you pressed them. I had seen rows and rows of them in a liquidation store. They were changing over to the new types of electronic registers. You can imagine my disappointment when under the christmas tree I found a plastic purple and yellow cash register. How did they expect me do serious business with a toy?

I now realize that to do what you love as a career is play. When the two merge  I am most fulfilled. So it's no surprise that with this drive, inspiration hit again. The stand concept would be perfect for upcoming shows. 

Step 1 Thought Scribbles
thought scribbles
 Step 2 Rounding up the material and equipment
Step 3 Et Voila! The New Stand

Here you have it, although my purple and yellow cash register and cardboard counters  have long since been replaced, the energy and drive still come from the same place.