dent de lion

There is something about nature...

On a recent morning walk, everything seemed amplified.

I was noticing all the details. The wind, the birds, then right in front of me, hundreds of dandelions at various stages of their life cylcle lined the field. 

This one bare dandelion looked so vulnerable. Perfect and perfectly simple. Gone were its breathtaking florets and its wish inspiring blowball. The rawness struck  me, the minimalist me.

The breathtaking dandelion next to it was beaming with bright yellow florets opened to the sun, almost saluting the day.

A step away, an afro-esque puffball looked ready to surrender to its upcoming fate with the rising of the wind.

I was struck by how these maligned greens, offer so much more than the reputation they hold.  Leaves filled with nutrients, pesky milky residue rumoured to fight off mosquitoes and potentially heal things. And how did I not know that their golden hue can be used to make dye to create masterpieces. Even their nicknames Milk Witch and Pissenlit imply less than positive features.

I am not sure how long I crouched there taking all of this in but something was budding. Wayne Dyer said it beautifully in his quote: "The only difference between the flower and the weed is judgement."

This morning walk shifted something, like the bite of a lion's tooth or dent de lion, which fittingly, is the original word from which dandelion is derived. A moment of inspiration brings a new perspective with the dent de lion collection.