• dent de lion

    There is something about nature...

    On a recent walk, I felt like an intergalactic being landing in this place called Earth. Everything seemed to jump out at me. I wasn't on anything aside from a good dose of gratitude for such a beautiful morning and enjoying a peaceful walk. My eyes, like macro lenses noticed every detail. All my senses were heightened.

    The wind seemed to be whispering things while the birds chirped back in agreement. Then there, inconspicuously in front of me,  I noticed dandelions all around  at various stages in their life processes. My philosophical and creative minds, charged with inspiration, started sowing the seeds for a new collection. Nature's cycles are perfect and purposeful. What fades away is not wasted. It regenerates and proliferates.

    All of a sudden, I zoomed in on a bare dandelion head, amazed by its beautiful vulnerability. It was perfect and perfectly simple. It needed nothing else and had let go of all it had. Gone were its breathtaking florets and its wish inspiring blowball and yet its rawness struck a cord with me.  It spoke to my minimalist core.

    The ravishing dandelion next to it was beaming in its full glory.  Its bright yellow florets opened to the sun as though saluting the day, a sun salutation from nature back to nature.

    A step away, an afro-esque puffball seemed to be surrendering to its upcoming fate with the rising of the wind.

    These innocent greens labelled as weeds, offered so much more than the reputation they held.  How did I not know that all those leaves were filled with life giving nutrients when I irritatingly plucked them from my lawn. How did I not know that the pesky milky residue so hard to wash off could possibly fight off mosquitoes or potentially heal things. How did I not know that their golden hue could be used to make dye to create masterpieces. Even their nicknames Milk Witch and Pissenlit had negative stigmas despite alluding to therapeutic benefits.

    I am not sure how long I crouched there taking this all in but something was burgeoning in me that needed to be expressed. Wayne Dyer said it beautifully in his quote: "The only difference between the flower and the weed is judgement."

    This unassuming morning walk shifted something in me. An unexpected juncture, like the bite of a lion's tooth or dent de lion, which fittingly, is the original word from which dandelion is derived. So for now, that "something about nature", inspired me to create this Minimilast Tee in my new dent de lion collection.


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