Croiffles you Say?

The other day while minding my own business at a spring market, a customer asked me if I knew where the croiffles booth was. Pardon me? Never heard of those...A quick google solved the mystery.   Basically, when croissant met waffle and said let's get together, the croiffle was created! Is there anyone that doesn't love croissants and waffles? Perhaps but with my two favorite things combined, I had to give them a try.

So what's all the fuss about? Essentially, they are croissants cooked in a waffle iron. Not too complicated, I thought. I have a delicious croissant recipe in my Bake Something book. 

Turns out they were very easy to make, did not heat up the house in the heat wave and  were an interesting option to basic waffles or croissants.  Although crispy and flavorful, they did loose the flakiness of a traditional croissant. They could even be stuffed before cooking, with anything from cheese to chocolate. As a purist, I opted to go plain for this test batch.

My verdict? Although the multi-layers of buttery flakiness are the selling point of croissants for me, I would make these again but stuffed with savory breakfast ingredients as a fun brunch alternative!