A Rework

I have always seen art, career and experience as a work in progress. To say that I would never change anything I have done because of where I am today would be false. Learning and evolving unveil new perspectives that were not available in the past. In my view to have a second crack at changing the good, the bad and the ugly would always be welcome if only to experience something different. 

This leads me to the first book I wrote, Bake Something, The Book of Sins, Easy Dough Recipes Made From Scratch.  Sometimes, if you don't show up, flaws and all, you won't show up at all.  So it was with this project. After thousands of edits, eyes crossed from too many hours on the computer and blinded from the repetitive task, I realized that if I didn't press the publish button, I would never take the chance and so I did.  The intense sense of panic I felt each time I came across a typo or another error made me question my decision to publish...but anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Amazon is a print on demand service which is great in these kinds of situations, no stock to burn or relinquish to the dust bin, just files to update and republish. 

As time passed and I kept resubmitting corrections to update the file, the title seemed clumsy. It no longer fit for me. Also, having published a second book, Nourish, Real and Simple Everyday Recipes Made From Scratch with its playful, whimsical cover, I felt that style was more a reflection of who I was as an artist. It became obvious that it was time for a major redo so here you have it, a refreshed perspective, a few updated photos and a new cover with a shorter title. 

The former file is archived and now a limited edition but for those not familiar with the book, here is the updated version of Bake Something, Easy Dough Recipes Made From Scratch.  It's also available on Amazon as a paperback or an ebook. Hope you enjoy it!