• The art of relocating

    work in progress

    After 10 years at 463 Sussex Drive, we said goodbye on January 5th to this beloved location as a result of the major year long renovation project planned for our block in between Clarence and Murray.
    But for the love of labour, I was still sewing the last few stiches while packing up, knowing that my loyal machines would be resting in storage for a while. How long, is really not clear as the art of finding the right location is a mix of patience, persistence and trust.
    For now it's a welcome rest in off peak season in the market and once all R's are addressed -Rest, Reevaluate, Research, Redesign, Renew - I will hopefully find a new inspiring and energizing space to Relaunch.

    I am so grateful for my time here, for all the great customers I have had the privilege of serving, for all the dear friends I have made as a result of being in this beautiful heritage location. However, it certainly has had its challenges.

    My first visit at 463 left me unimpressed. Then, like uncovering a treasure, it took shape and sprouted a whole new life. It became home to my creativity, to my collections.

    A lot of elbow grease combined with a vision hatched this beautiful nest.

    Then every challenge possible tested my resilience with chaos showing up one year  after the other in various shapes and forms.

    Last August, a notification was issued stating that the whole block needed major life cycle attention and vacating the premises would be required of all tenants in the block.

    It has been a long road. But despite all the chaos lived at 463 Sussex Drive, I leave with a heavy heart, a broadened spirit and the hope that what awaits will continue to inspire me, and perhaps offer a little more peace.

    A final farewell ...lights out ..exit stage left



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