I am often asked where I get my inspiration from. The short answer is...everywhere. With a lifelong passion for anything artistic, I think I just grew up with the habit of riding the creative wave and just letting it take me where it wanted to. Very often I would end up very far from where I started.
I think inspiration stems from awareness. Notice what you notice. That is always the starting point. As an example, recently at a local grocery store, I was drawn to a table piled high with an exotic something. They were bright and oddly shaped.  The produce name listed it as dragon fruit. I wondered if it was sweet or tart? How do you consume such a thing? Did it need to be peeled or eaten whole? It was hot pink and a little awkward looking. They were like nothing  I had ever seen or noticed before. I felt compelled to take a photo, they were so beautiful, colourful and unassuming yet very bold and quirky. I stopped myself thinking, "what am I going to do with a photo of this?". So I walked away. Then, as if the whole table of dragon fruit was calling out to me, I felt a pull back to the produce section and found myself taking that photo.
I am still not sure why I felt this strong urge to take the photo but when something captures your attention and curiosity, it is always worth exploring creatively.For now, this photo in a moment of inspiration has evolved into a blog post. It may land in one of my future collections as I listen quietly to the creative whispers and wait for them to lead me further ahead or somewhere else I may never have known had I not snapped that shot